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About the Meditation
30 mins -HEALINGWAVES Mp3 Brainwave Entrainment Study Focus & Concentration Session

Brainwave Entrainment study sessions are designed to increase cognitive performance by use of Beta wave brain stimulation. They are able to be used, unlike other entrainments, whilst actually studying!

Study 1 - Ideal to use whilst studying, non fiction reading or any studious activity where an increase of focus, memory and mental speed is needed. (Not to be used whilst driving)

Also a great way to shut out distracting and annoying sound whilst trying to work!

Simply plug in your headphones after downloading onto your Ipod, mp3 player or computer and listen to the amazing sounds. If you have never listened to binaural beats or brainwave therapy before - you are in for a treat!
Our Guarantee
When using the sessions all we ask of you is to give them a fair chance to work. Resistance, both mentally and physically, can block you from entering altered brainwave states. It may take a little time to get used to the sessions and relax into them. Regular practice ensures better results!

If, however, you are not satisfied to the extent that you do not feel our sessions are what we say they are, we will give you a no fuss refund - can't say better than that!

How To Use The Sessions
The use of Headphones will provide a more personal and intense effect AND avoid affecting those around you. You will need to find a comfortable place to be, where you are least likely to be disturbed. If the environment is a little chilly, we suggest you have a blanket over you as your body temperature may drop. A glass of water may be needed at the end of the session.

When you begin to listen to the session your mind will probably start to wander over to everyday things in your life but try to keep returning your focus to the sounds in your head; this is normal and is the learned art of any type of meditation or hypnosis. After about six minutes of undisturbed listening your brain should begin to entrain toward the given frequencies. You may have strong visual reactions or strange feelings of altered consciousness. Try not to panic and bring yourself out of the states, allow any images to come into your mind - go with the flow, practice makes perfect!

It's useful to keep a diary for you to jot down your experiences after each session for later reflection.

Power meditations are a series of Brainwave Stimulation sessions designed to enable deep, hypnotic meditations and self help sessions!

We sell no fuss, professionally backed audio meditations and brainwave entrainment's in mp3 download format to use with headphones. The use of Headphones provides a personal and intense effect AND avoids affecting those around you! The decision to use the Mp3 format was taken with a view to reduce the pollution caused to the environment by gross CD manufacturing!

The lower overheads of mp3 production means we can reflect the money saved in our prices to you, our customers, and further, our non existent packaging and the absence of a team of graphic artists and advertising professionals further enables us to offer you the genuine product without the box, the gimmicks and all the trimmings that usually come with anything bought today! - It's all good; you save money - we ALL help to save the environment!

PRECAUTIONS: Do not use whilst driving or operating machinery. Because of the repetitive & hypnotic nature of some of our MP3ís, those who suffer from fits, seizures, epilepsy & are pregnant should avoid these & only use our simple nature tracks. Use of the MP3ís confirms you have read & understand our warnings,

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